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ISE Invest - ise seminar
ISE Invest - Seminars
S.S.M.I. – Seminar.
Safe Stock Market Investing.

This is ISE’s foundation stock market seminar. It has been prepared by seasoned investors and lecturers within
the ISE Invest group. Our approach is to lead clients gradually into the world of share investing. We begin with
the basics of Limited companies and the role of the Stock Market. We progress to evaluating companies by Using our
proprietary Fundamentals Filter. Teaching the significance of fundamentals that affect share price. We place all this in
the context of knowing the importance of growth industries.
Then we teach our clients to use our proprietary Valuation Filter to identify when companies are attractively priced, giving good value and significant price appreciation potential.
Trading online keeps investment costs to a minimum. We assist in opening low cost online trading accounts so that our clients can immediately simulate what they are learning. Clients are shown how to place orders to buy and sell shares online. Over time, online trading accounts allow people 100% control of their investments at the lowest possible cost.

Finally we teach strategies which allow clients to invest in the stock market while minimising risk to their capital.
After education, the next step is to become experienced. ISE Invest believes in fully supporting our clients as they gradually invest in the stock market through daily online support providing opportunities to have those urgent questions answered.
ISE Invest uses the latest web technology to provide our clients with consistent weekly support through live webinars which gives regular weekly commentary on the markets, industries and shares and an opportunity to have ongoing questions answered.
Our foundation seminar teaches how to get this crucial support and to derive the most benefit from it.
Starting from:
 ·Introduction to the Stock Market &
 ·Introduction to PLC Companies

We continue to ‘Grow our Clients’ with:

Fundamental Analysis
 ·Identifying Safe, Solid, Sound Shares using ISE’s proprietary ‘Fundamentals’ filter.
 ·Price Earnings and PEG ratios.
 ·Which fundamentals contribute to growth and price appreciation.
 ·Indentifying growth ‘Industries’.

Technical Analysis
 ·Identifying when a share is at a valuable price using ISE’s proprietary ‘Valuation’ filter.
 ·When is a share ‘GOOD’ value?
 ·When has a share price high potential?
 ·What is a shares ‘PAP’ percentage?

Online Trading Platform Utilisation
 · Completing the paperwork.
 · Transferring funds.
 · Paper Trading setup.
 · Executing trades.
 · Utilising the platform features.
 · Understanding ‘order types’.
 · Charting applications & benefits.

Client Support and Coaching.
At ISE Invest we recognise that education and skills alone are never adequate to maximise success. As with any career or profession, the more “Experience” one gets the better they become in achieving their objective.
Therefore we believe strongly that follow-up and support are essential to profitable investing. All our clients have access to consistent support and analysis on a daily basis.
I.S.M.I. – Seminar
Income Stock Market Investing

Once our clients are familiar with the basics of investing in solid companies with growth potential, reading graphs and charts and insuring their positions we continue with the
education with Income Generating Strategies. From simple rolling stock strategies to renting
your shares by selling ‘TIME’ utilising ‘Options’ for upside trading as well as downside trading our clients learn how to maximise their portfolio performance.

Weekly Live Webinars.
Utilising state of the art communications technology ISE’s senior lecturers will deliver live support webinars tailored to clients experiences, questions & positions etc. We continually monitor the current markets, industries and movements and reflect on the possible effects on specific shares and prices. Clients can question as well as contribute answers and opinions of their own trading.

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